Corentin MAIRE

As a pharmacy student, specialized in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Corentin is currently preparing a double degree at EMLyon Business School, in the French “Programme Grande École”. He decided to follow this « Master of Science in Management », with Finance as option, in order to complete my pharmacist profile, as well as obtaining new competencies in the financial sector.

With several experiences, in different areas, he had the opportunity to learn how to work efficiently, as he was solving problems and creating value. It is with a big will that he achieve the goals for the projects given to him, for example in marketing at Bayer. In parallel with his studies and internships, he created his own start-up, « Ma Brosse à Temps SAS », which enabled him to learn analysing, thinking about problematics, and finally finding solutions. This personal project, which was a company proposing online sales for toothbrushes as subscriptions, allowed him to develop his autonomy, his reflexion, to satisfy an existing or developing/future need, and last but not least, to face challenges.

Along with the will to develop this company, he discovered the activity of investment, of business angels, and more extensively, the finance universe. Playing with numbers, analyzing and improving them was very interesting. Because he appreciated working with analysis and creation of value, he decided to discover this sector with an internship of 6 months in Luxembourg, in Private Equity (and M&A small cap). After his different experiences, which made his better in analysis of economic issues, in understanding and explaining the market, he is now specialized in the investment Banking sector, in healthcare.

Teamwork, solidarity, motivation, but also rigor and surpassing himself, are qualities he learned, thanks to his associative engagement during his studies, but also mainly to his year of military classes in the French Navy.